Saturday, March 2, 2013


So, you know where this post is going? HA! A boy and his car....a girl and her shoes! Yup! That's where I'm going with this post!

Today...a beautiful, warm (15 degrees), sunny Winter day! A ride in the boy's new car! A ride in the boy's new car wearing the girl's favorite shoes!

Car - 
Boy's new Metallic Pearl, Honda Crosstour...

Shoes - 
Girl's favorite Chocolate, Converse All-Star sneakers...

What a great day for a the boy's new car, wearing my favorite shoes....with my boy! 
I didn't realize just what a great backdrop snow is for taking pictures....look how great the shoes look in the snow! Hmmmm, will have to take more shoe pictures in snow! Might be kinda chilly with the open toe dress shoes and the sandals, but hey, I'm game! 

The boy would find the pics of the car more interesting but the girl....well, they are SHOES! 

A boy and his toy, a girl and her shoes....
Lovin' this day! 

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