Friday, March 1, 2013

Yummy! Strawberry Shortcake - Easy Make!

Doesn't that look SO yummy? It couldn't be easier to make......

I started with a sugar free, store bought Angel Food Cake (hard to find, but doable). Cut the cake into 3 slices (horizontally), set aside. In separate bowl, mix sugar free whipped cream with chopped nuts. Spread whipped cream mixture between layers of cake. slice strawberries and place on top of cake. See - Easy Peasy!

You can vary the dessert by adding chopped strawberries to the whipped cream mixture, drizzle with caramel or chocolate, change out the fruit (pineapple would be delish), add chocolate curls to the top.
OR OR OR.......add/change out:
Chopped Candy Bars
Edible Sugared Flowers


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