Monday, March 4, 2013

I have THE most wonderful husband

I love my husband....he is the absolutely the most wonderful! He does so many things for me everyday to show me he loves me...he opens doors for me, hugs me, takes out the garbage, vacuums, carries stuff for me, kisses me, pushes the grocery cart, holds my hand in public, listens to me, talks with me, he always tells me I'm beautiful, he tells me that I'm wearing a cute outfit, he drops me off and picks me up everyday from work.....but most of all.....he let's me watch "chick flicks"! He even watches them WITH me! CHICK FLICKS How cool is that? He doesn't fall asleep, he doesn't read magazines or books while I'm watching them, he actually watches them WITH me! This wonderful husband not only watches them but he will pick a "chick flick" when we don't know what to watch. Get this, get this....he will pull a bunch of "chick flicks" to give me a "chick flick" month (everyday watching them)! How cool is he? He is THE best!

So, what do we watch? These are our faves......

Mamma Mia 

Leap Year 

Letters to Juliet 

Pride & Prejudice 

Under the Tuscan Sun 

Must Love Dogs

Because I Said So  

And if I'm really, really good....he'll let me watch Dirty Dancing...
Okay, truth be told....Dirty Dancing....he actually leaves the room for that one! That is the only one he doesn't watch...I'm not sure why he doesn't watch it...what could be more romantic than a man saying: "no one puts Baby in a corner"!

Other chick flicks the most wonderful husband will watch...
Coyote Ugly
27 Dresses
When in Rome
Definitely Maybe
Hope Floats
Lake House
Sweet Home Alabama
While You Were Sleeping
You've Got Mail
Pretty Woman
My Best Friend's Wedding
Runaway Bride

and my all time favorite, the one he just hands me the box of kleenix and I know we are watching:

P.S. I Love You 

So, you have to agree....I have THE most wonderful husband! He Loves Me!

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