Friday, March 1, 2013

From Aliens to Spring...Hope SPRINGS Eternal!

So, I am ready for Spring....I want to go for long walks, for bike rides....I want to go to the river for relaxation and fun! I want to go walking through the Botanical Gardens and look for Aliens! Aliens....not the big eyed, green, fly in the sky kind! Wanna see...they look like Aliens to me:

Spooky but Beautiful!

Another Alien!

Looks like it's Ready to Attack!

Another Beautiful Alien! 

I so badly, want to see Aliens right now! I know Spring is'll be here soon, but not soon enough! We are having wonderfully, warmer the 20's! Beautiful March Day in Alaska! Right now, you won't see beautiful least not outside:

Okay, so I've shown you the Aliens and now, you see the beautiful flowers of the Botanical Gardens in Fairbanks....I took these photos last Summer and I'm ready to go out again! Charge up the camera battery, dig out the hiking shoes! Hope SPRINGS eternal!

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