Friday, February 22, 2013

How about a Game of Golf?

Today, we celebrated Bev's & Terri's birthdays, both of them love golf and curling! So, the obvious theme would be golf since I know absolutely nothing of curling nor would it be easy to find stamps, stickers or anything curling like that I could use for the cards and gift boxes! We don't have a lot of room in our conference for 12 people, boxes of stuff surrounding the walls, computer stuff and a big conference table with's definitely a tight squeeze! Anyhow, I am making do with what I have....can't really decorate the walls or ceiling like I want but I do what I, I spread a green table cloth (grass), wrote golf words all over it, drew two black circles for putting holes (cupcakes with "flags" stuck in them sitting on the black holes). Tracy picked and arranged the flowers, they are gorgeous....yellow, green and white, they matched the decor beautifully! The food was delightful...omigosh, I was stuffed all day: 2 quiches (is that a word), potato casserole (we almost beg Tracy to make this for each's too die for), fruit, yogurts, absolutely yummy quinoa, nuts and I think raisins, roasted coconut and granola fresh from Hawaii (I mean boss just returned yesterday morning from Hawaii) and these most awesome "golf balls" date balls that Gail made....they looked like golf balls (powdered sugar)...OMG, I am still stuffed! I made cupcakes....would you expect anything else? I had a great time with this theme, I would have liked more time to create better decor but it still turned out great....I created two golf birthday cards and two golf gift boxes...altogether the decor looked awesome! I'm sure ya'll want to see....
So, here is the can see how it all comes together with the cupcakes, the present boxes, cards and a glimpse of the flowers in the background. 

These are the birthday cards, the one on the right is upside down (I just noticed), LOL! Oops! Anyhow, you get the idea. I didn't have any golf stamps, had to use stickers (not my favorite way of crafting cards). I think they turned out cool anyhow!

A closer view....the cupcakes....well, you can see the sand traps were made with crushed graham crackers, also you can see the water hazard, rough greens and the putting greens...miniature flags and edible golf balls completed the picture! Oh, we had REAL golf balls hanging around on the table as well....if you look close, you can see the black cupcake with the flag stuck in it and the golf ball next to it....a putting hole? 

Obviously, I'm pretty proud of these cupcakes! LOL We keep getting closer and closer to check out the detail! Oh, besides fun to make, they were fun to eat! Yum!

Final shot....I won't bore you anymore....the water hazard...who's gonna wade in and get all those golf balls? 
See, I'm getting better at frosting....just keep practicing! 

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