Monday, February 18, 2013

Yippee Kai-yay........

Happy Birthday Renee' (last summer)..... I always try to pick a theme for my friend's birthdays! Renee' is our Cowgirl....and what cowgirl doesn't like a good stud? Okay....we're talking about horses now! Yeah Right! So, for Renee's birthday, the office girls all dressed in western garb, complete with cowgirl boots!

We had a yummy lunch, everyone brought in "food from the ranch"! Cowgirl Beans, Corn on the Cob, Mashed Potatoes, Pulled Pork, Meatballs and lots of gravy....because what Cowgirl doesn't eat gravy slathered on everything?
For Renee', I created a "Stud Ranch" canvas for her cabin wall and of course, I had to make her card with a "Stud in the Making"....a little baby stud (this photo is from my phone and won't allow me to turn it...sorry)!
Birthday gift of an old pot with an old spice cookbook and old spices! Add to that, checkered tablecloth, summer flowers, bandanna, cast iron pan candle, a "Stud Ranch" canvas and "Stud in the Making" card.....made for a great cowgirl party! Yippee Kai-yay!

What fun we had......our inner cowgirls had a blast! 

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