Monday, February 18, 2013

Sparkling Cider and Cupcakes

So, my first attempt at cupcakes for my son's wedding...I found a recipe that used Sparkling Cider. The cupcakes were a huge hit (a 4 out of a 5), the frosting, not so much! The frosting was a bit runny, didn't seem to set well. I did use it to pipe frosting and because I am new to all this, I didn't know that it wasn't up to piping par! Here are a couple of pictures....I didn't think to take pics of the "before frosting"....

Oh, by the way....the wedding colors are purple, black and white! My son and I moved the roses (Wilton's Gum Paste roses) around until we got the design that both my son and his future bride are happy with!

I will be teaching myself to create Royal Icing Roses (another post). Because I can't find dark purple roses, I have to learn to make my own (and they will taste a whole heck of a lot better than gum paste which tastes like....sugared chalk)...The dark purple of the smaller flowers is the color I'm striving for even if everyone gets purple mouths! I'm having fun.....that's the coolest thing!

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