Sunday, February 24, 2013

I had THE most fun....

For the Bride to Be....I created custom "Tom" shoes for her to wear beneath her wedding dress. I have to admit, I was TERRIFIED to begin! I just had the feeling I would screw up, if I did, I would have to order another pair of Tom's to try again....that could get spendy! So....I worked very slowly, read the words aloud (I printed their song on her shoes) as I wrote them, crossed them off the lyrics sheet as I wrote took me a lot more time to work on them than other projects....just because I was TERRIFIED I would screw up. I didn't! 

I did it, I decorated both shoes, without any crossing out of words, without any smears of paint, without an "redo's"! LOL I showed them to my friends at work, my In-Law's and our best friends...everyone loved them....makes the heart feel good! I have to admit....I would love to make some for me....not wedding themed, of course! Wanna take a look....I'm willing to show them off....would love your feedback! 

The big letters and numbers are done in dark purple with black trim, the song in black and each flower is purple with colored rhinestones for the centers! Oh my, I had such a great time with them! I'm not sure if they are what the Bride wants, or if she likes them...but that's okay! If she doesn' least I had the experience of doing something I had not done before. AND.....I know that I want to make some for myself! 

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